Situated near the city of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, Phulpur Facility produces Ammonia and Urea

Article by IFFCO Phulpur wins FAI's First Prize

An Article titled "Implementation of Energy Saving Project at IFFCO Phulpur Unit" published in March 2006 of Indian Journal of Fertilisers (Fertiliser News) has been awarded First prize in the production / technology discipline, amongst the papers published during September 2005 to August 2006 by Fertiliser Association of India (FAI), New Delhi.

The award was presented on 28th November, 2006 during FAI seminar in New Delhi.

Article details:

Title : Implementation of Energy Saving Project at IFFCO Phulpur Unit

Authors: M. Rajashekhariah, Yogesh Narula, I.C. Jha and R. Maiti

Abstract: IFFCO Phulpur unit is committed to use the energy in the most efficient way. "Energy Conservation " is a major objective for IFFCO as such, and more so, for Phulpur Unit. This has enabled to run the 1980 vintage Naphtha based Ammonia Plant of Phulpur-I with better performance level even after 25 years of operation. Ammonia plant of Phulpur-II, a new generation Naphtha based plant of late nineties, has been continuously improving its performance by implementing several modifications and by adopting best operating philosophy. IFFCO Phulpur Unit is continually striving to be the lowest energy consumer in the fertilizer industry. To achieve its goal, a number of energy conservation schemes have been identified and planned to implement in stages under the Energy Saving Project (ESP). Phase-I of ESP was successfully implemented & envisaged savings were achieved. Phase-II of ESP will be implemented in the forth-coming annual turnaround. The ESP has also contributed in reducing Green House Gas Emission. This paper highlights the schemes implemented in Phase-I & schemes to be implemented in Phase-II and also describes in details the experiences gained during project execution and implementation.