Oman India Fertiliser Company

Oman India Fertiliser Company

Products : Ammonia, Urea

Plant Site : Sur, Oman

IFFCO’s Shareholding :25%

OMIFCO has a modern world scale two-train Ammonia-Urea Fertiliser manufacturing plant with Ammonia and Urea capacities of 2x1750 TPD and 2x2530 TPD respectively at the Sur Industrial Estate in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Complex is designed to produce 1.652 million tons per year of granulated urea and 0.255 million tons per year of surplus ammonia using natural gas as feedstock.

Both the products are being exported to India. The Government of India (‘’GOI’’) purchases the urea production and IFFCO purchases surplus ammonia production under long-term off-take agreements. The Ministry of Oil & Gas, Sultanate of Oman (‘’MOG’’) supplies the gas feedstock under a long-term Gas Supply Agreement.

During the year ended 31 st December 2018, OMIFCO sold 2.05 Million MT Urea and 0.15 Million MT surplus Ammonia.

OMIFCO has consistently made profits and paid dividend since it achieved commercial production.