Industries Chimiques du Senegal

Industries Chimiques du Senegal

Products: Rock Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid and NPK Fertilisers

Plant Site: Darou, Senegal

IFFCO’s Shareholding: 6.78 %

Industries Chimiques du Senegal (ICS) has the capacity to produce 6, 60,000 MT of Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) per year.

In the context of a long term development plan for increasing production capacity as well as to strengthen the Company, a financial restructuring process was taken up in August, 2014. Based on the revival plan proposed by Indorama Holdings B.V. Netherlands, it was agreed that Indorama would be inducted as a majority shareholder in ICS, with equity shareholding of 78%. Consequently, on account of induction of Indorama in August, 2014, the equity shareholding of IFFCO reduced from 18.54% to 6.78%, Government of India’s shareholding reduced form 0.46% to 0.22% while the shareholding of Government of Senegal remained the same at 15%.

For the year 2016, ICS exported 3, 81,492 tonnes of Phosphoric Acid in terms of P2O5 to IFFCO.