IFFCO ebazar

IFFCO ebazar

IFFCO e-bazar

Activity: To provide all agricultural inputs under one roof
Corporate Office: New Delhi
IFFCO’s Shareholding: 100%

IFFCO eBazar Ltd. (IeBL) is a 100% owned subsidiary of IFFCO. The IFFCO Bazar outlets started operations in April’16, with the objective of providing modern retail experience in rural India to deliver Agri inputs & Services to the Farming community under one roof.

Since inception, the Company has expanded its operations in more than 22 States with 403 stores under operation which includes 276 own stores and 127 franchisee and Business Associates. These stores, apart from providing agri-inputs products i.e. seeds, fertilizers, bio fertilizers, pesticide, bio stimulants, cattle feed, sprayers and other agri implements, also serves as the contact point for providing technical know-how to the farmers. IFFCO Bazar stores also provide the facility of Soil testing and health check-up services. Some of the stores are also organised need based promotional programmes such as farmers meeting, soil test campaign and demonstrations etc.

To increase the soil health and crop productivity, IFFCO eBazar Ltd. has been promoting seaweed extract as bio stimulant i.e. Sagarika in liquid form and as soil conditioner i.e. Sagarika Z ++ in granular form. During 2017-18, IFFCO eBazar Ltd. sold about 220 KL Liquid Sagarika and 7,220 MT Sagarika Granular through its own outlets and IFFCO’s Cooperative Societies. In order to mitigate deficiency of Magnesium and Sulphur (secondary nutrients), IFFCO eBazar Ltd supplied 2,014 MT MgSO4 and 54.6 MT WDG S (90%) to the farmers in the current year. IFFCO eBazar Ltd. supplied 10,813 MT Cattle Feed to the farmers during 2017-18. IFFCO eBazar Ltd. has also supplied 760 MT 100% Water Soluble Fertilisers (MAP, MKP & Potassium Nitrate) to the farmers during 2017-18. The company also deals in small agri machinery including sprayer machines. IFFCO eBazar has plans to bring out new products like PROM & Natural K for the benefit of farmers.

IFFCO eBazar Ltd. offers an attractive Franchisee model scheme to partner with the rural entrepreneurs. To promote Women Empowerment these models have special Incentive for Women entrepreneurs.

IFFCO eBazar Ltd. has an ambitious expansion plan by opening more centres to make available quality products and services at most reasonable prices to the farmers at their doorstep across India.